Some of the nice things people have said about my work:


I laughed out loud (something I rarely do). I loved the premise, the characters, the Apartment Whisperer, and Cou-turkey! Really funny and original. It is so well-written too.

---Stacy Schneider (producer, writer) 

Katie has the ability to make changes to an existing work without making me feel like an idiot, a remarkable feat to be sure. She's fast, dedicated, and has razor-sharp attention to detail. It's almost enough to let you overlook how distractingly attractive she is.

---Daniel Kucan (producer, actor, writer, designer)

Will Rogers said, "In Hollywood the woods are full of people who learned to write but evidently can't read. If they could read their stuff, they'd stop writing." Katie is the exception that proves the rule. She is a brilliant writer.

---Cisco Henson (comedy producer)